AdverseEvents is a California-based healthcare informatics company that improves patient safety and reduces systemic healthcare costs through the comprehensive analysis of post-marketing drug side effect data. Utilizing data-mining and analysis technology, through its proprietary RxSuite™ of analytics, AEI makes post-marketing drug safety data accessible, actionable, and predictable.

AEI provides services to enterprise markets including managed care organizations, the pharmaceutical industry, and financial institutions, all while keeping the patient as the key stakeholder.


AdverseEvents Explorer

AdverseEvents Explorer is a web based application that makes in-depth and detailed post-approval drug safety information accessible, actionable, and predictable through the RxSuite of analytics and an intuitive, easy to use interface. AdverseEvents Explorer serves enterprise markets including Health Plans, Payers, Health Systems, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Companies, and the Financial Markets.

Formulary Optimization & Analysis

AdverseEvents Formulary Optimization & Analysis is a comprehensive formulary review leveraging our proprietary tools and analytics through a comprehensive program that identifies potential safety concerns and recommends formulary and pharmacy changes that reduce costs and drive safer prescribing behavior.

Custom Data & Report Services

Work with AdverseEvents data architects to obtain drug safety data the way you need to see it. Common requests include EHR and e-prescribing platform integration, bioinformatics algorithms for drug discover, and files for quantitative modeling and back-testing.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Services

Use a FOIA request service that understands exactly what you are looking for. AdverseEvents FDA FOIA service gives you the information you need and the context to make sense of it.

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