Happy Spring!

We have been working hard this winter here at AdverseEvents and are excited to announce a few changes that are happening with the Drug Safety Monitor and your subscription.

The Drug Safety Monitor has been such a success that we will be adding even MORE content! Not only will you continue to see the context behind the latest drug safety news but also how we analyze and apply AdverseEvents Explorer to turn the news into actionable drug safety information.

This enhancement will be available to our AdverseEvents Explorer clients exclusively.

If you are currently subscribed to the Drug Safety Monitor but are not an AdverseEvents Explorer client, don’t worry! Your subscription will be transferred to our also newly improved monthly RxView Newsletter to receive a summary of the Drug Safety Monitor stories, 1 full article with analysis, our top blog content for the month and our latest special reports.

To ensure that you don’t miss any of the daily enhanced content and to learn more about AdverseEvents Explorer helps to mitigate side effect risk, start a free 7-day trial today!