Financial Institutions

We work with financial institutions looking for an information advantage about emerging drug safety issues. In a marketplace where information is key and safety concerns can quickly create stock price volatility, our data and analytics give our financial clients a much needed early warning system.

Provide Differentiated Investment Research

Providing differentiated research to clients is extremely difficult in the age of information symmetry. Quickly access post approval side effect data to uncover material information not yet known to the market and provide an information advantage for clients.

Generate New Ideas

Generating new investment ideas when everyone has the same information is hard. Exclusive information that is not known to most of the Street is virtually impossible to come by. Identify drugs that have an 80% chance of future FDA action and uncover unknown trends using post approval side effect data.

Complete Due Diligence

Keeping up with a fast paced market and changing information is hard enough. Ensuring that you are not missing a needle in the haystack is virtually impossible. Make the haystack smaller. Utilize data, analytics, and insight that will ensure all risk is uncovered and known. Rely on independent research that is not influenced by companies with too much skin in the game.

Healthcare Equity Analyst at Sell-Side Investment Bank

Problem: Looking to differentiate his research from the rest of the Street, a Sell-Side Investment Bank Healthcare Equity Analyst was aware of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System, and the post approval safety data it provided. In order to get data in a relevant time period he needed to file time consuming and cumbersome Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, then have the data processed.

Managing Director of the Healthcare Group of an Investment Bank

Problem: Working on a recent deal, the Managing Director of an investment bank’s healthcare group needed his analysts to uncover all of the possible information on a company and its competitors. Their ability to file Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the company’s drugs was limited because of time and the sheer scope of the requests, as well as lack of internal healthcare expertise.

Analyst at a Hedge Fund with a Significant Healthcare Investment

Problem: A healthcare analyst at a hedge fund, with roughly 15% allocated to healthcare, was seeking exclusive unbiased drug safety data that would provide him an information advantage. He was stymied by the fact that most safety data is produced by the drug manufacturers themselves, and that publicly available data is extremely difficult to access and comes with no analysis.