Hospitals, Health Systems, and IDNs

We work with hospitals and health systems to provide easier access to clinical evidence and independent real world safety data that drive insights for efficient drug reviews and to ensure better prescribing decisions. Through a partnership, we are able to offer special pricing to Vizient GPO members.

Clinical Pharmacy and Point-of-Care

Clinical pharmacists and other medical information professionals need quick access to evidence based research to ensure drug decisions reflect current evidence. Pouring through literature is not feasible. Having actionable and on-demand real world data through Evidex enables real time evidence based decisions.

Drug Information and ADR Call Centers

The ability to benchmark in-facility reported Adverse Drug Event (ADE) data to a global data set makes it possible to know if adverse events are an isolated incident or a part of an emerging trend. Understand what is happening on a global scale with the highest quality, standardized and sourced data on post approval drug side effects.

Reacting to External Triggers

Evidence based medicine is evolutionary. External triggers like new trial data or an FDA label change may change prescription decisions. Monitor and create modified protocols in response to external events with concise and detailed insight.

Clinical Pharmacy at Memorial Hermann Health System

Memorial Hermann Health System is using real-world adverse events data to conduct a full formulary review. Memorial Hermann is reevaluating and establishing evidence based criteria for every class of drugs used across their health system. Safety is a big component of that review, but collecting and using complicated safety data with such a large project was daunting. Utilizing a simple to use data collection and analytics tool, such as Evidex allows a small team to accomplish big things.