Health Insurers

We work with health insurers at the pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committee level to provide needed access to better clinical evidence and independent real world safety data that drive insights for efficient drug reviews and to ensure better prescribing decisions.

Evidence Based Research for P&T

Perform evidence based Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). Understand the true comparative efficacy and safety of new drugs that come to market through annotated data from curated clinical trial results and monitor and react to new evidence as it happens with real world data. Monograph friendly tables make P&T communication quick and effective.

The Intersection of Clinical Decision and Financial Impact

Drug utilization decisions must balance clinical practice and financial feasibility. Arming decision makers with easy to use tools to understand the financial impact of their decisions is necessary to manage drug therapy. Accomplish this balancing act with RxCost® and RxScore®, as featured on AMCP’s eDossier platform and peer reviewed in the Journal of Managed Care and Specialty Pharmacy. No data scientists or informatics team needed!

Data Powered Population Health and Provider Engagement

In order to understand the impact of drug decisions on your organization you need underlying data to make projections. Gain clarity into decision impact with a database architecture built to be easily linked to your organizational datasets.

Prior Authorizations at WEA Trust

WEA Trust uses data from Evidex to help support prior authorization decisions. Specifically, one area of recent concern was Multiple Sclerosis medications. Using real-world adverse event data from Advera Health allowed the team to quickly understand which medications carried the most risk and the highest downstream medical costs. By understanding the incidence of serious side effects, it enabled an easier and quicker decision process regarding keeping certain medications behind other in step therapy, as well as the need to require a prior authorization.