Product Liability Underwriters

We work with product liability underwriters to access independent, real world safety data, analytics and insight in the underwriting process so that they can better assess potential litigation risk and fully understand the impact that risk could have on their insureds.

Better Assess Litigation Risk

Know if a company’s drugs are developing severe side effects that could lead to potential litigation. Adopt a simplified and unified process of assessing side effect risk with proven statistical measures, and a simple, no-science-background-required interface that deploys in minutes.

Assess Risk At The Company And Portfolio Level

Understanding where risk exposure lies at the company and portfolio level is vital to making underwriting decisions. Developing a model to aggregate risk from side effects that are emerging in post marketing has been nearly impossible. Advera Health Analytics provides an enterprise-wide solution to fully understand your life science business.

Leading Global Insurance Company

Problem: A Leading Global Insurance Company wanted to comprehensively assess litigation risk associated with potential side effects for underwritten drugs. They were aware of FAERS data in the past, but did not have the expertise to access the raw data files, interpret the information or provide a standard way to assess risk from the data spanning the cohort of drugs they underwrite.

Mid-Sized Life Science Product Liability Insurance Company

Problem: With a relatively small team that had limited direct life sciences backgrounds, the President of the life sciences division of a mid-sized insurance company had difficulty in developing a risk assessment platform for their insured. They struggled with the decision to spend countless hours and resources building the product in-house or outsourcing it to software developers that did not have a real understanding of the dataset.