About AdverseEvents for Payers:

AdverseEvents, Inc. is a California-based healthcare informatics company that improves patient safety and reduces systemic costs through drug side effect data. Offering a suite of products based on its proprietary RxFilter™ and RxScore™ technology, AdverseEvents helps clients to inform, empower, recruit, analyze and monitor all aspects of drug safety related concerns and costs. Providers can purchase access to the RxScore™ Provider application individually or through affiliate groups. Payers also have the ability to provide access to their networks via the RxScore™ Payer application.

RxFilter™ provides complete data optimization of the FAERS dataset through a 17-step algorithmic
process to make it completely accessible and searchable.

The RxFilter™ process:

  • Corrects for drug name misspellings and incorrect data within the major fields
  • Aggregates generic and non-U.S. brand name drugs under a single U.S. brand name
  • Removes duplicate cases
  • Layers in full MedDRA hierarchy
  • Embeds PRR and ROR calculations
  • Identifies common adverse event and condition types within the database
  • Standardizes approximately 98% of the cases in each quarterly data upload,
    leaving only 2% of the cases in the hands of analysts to manually review

Statistical, Interpretable, and Comparable: RxScore™

RxScore™ is a predictive algorithmic scoring model that provides a drug safety ranking system based predominantly on post-marketing safety signals. Combining 9 multi-weighted factors, it relies upon a patent-pending methodology that is a statistical, interpretable, and comparable measure for drug safety.

  • Patent pending methodology
  • Statistical, interpretable and comparable measure for drug safety
  • Based on aggregate 5.39M FAERS cases (vs. ~100 cases in a clinical trial)
  • Combines with 9 multi-weighted factors
  • 1-100 scales representing a drug's safety profile

Five Steps to Lower Costs From Drug Adverse Events

Inform patients about their choices. RxScore.com is a free-of-charge patient/consumer focused web application utilizing the RxFilter™ technology to serve as a one-stop-shop for all adverse event information, allowing the patient to actively participate in their healthcare. It provides personalized adverse event overviews based on one or multiple drugs, eliminating the need to go to Internet forums and other non-standardized web sites. The patient has the ability to access their RxScore™ directly from the site, request the RxScore™ from their Provider, or find a Provider that has access to the RxScore™ Provider application.

Empower Provider networks to make better drug safety choices. By putting the RxScore™ in the hands of the Provider, the doctor remains in control of the healthcare conversation. Providers can purchase access to the RxScore™ Provider application individually or through affiliate groups. Payers also have the ability to provide access to their networks via the RxScore™ Payers application.

Recruit Providers to your network with a value proposition beyond cost. By implementing the RxScore™ Payers application, Payers are investing in their network by providing access to RxScore™ Provider. Doing so establishes commitment to the doctor-patient relationship and provides tools that allow their network to reduce total cost from drug adverse events, while providing them a value-added service and a further incentive to be an in-network Provider.

Analyze your formulary on a true cost basis. Custom consulting with AdverseEvents to answer specific questions surrounding Formulary Inversion™ and Formulary Omission™. Perform practice group risk assessments to understand where the Provider relations group should focus their time, or conduct drug/class specific analyses, including real-time FAERS data extraction via FOIA requests, as well as full analysis by AdverseEvents analysts.

Monitor post-marketing safety signals to make preemptive decisions. Access AdverseEvents Enterprise which includes direct RxFilter searching, custom data exports, and a dedicated AdverseEvents Solutions Consultant. Stay on top of the drug safety landscape through quarterly FAERS data release overview reports, drug specific in-depth analysis prior to FDA actions, and daily Drug Safety Monitor alerts.

AdverseEvents Product Suite:


  • Free-of-charge pateint focused website
  • One-stop-shop for all side-effect information
  • Ability to purchase RxScore™ or contact a provider who has access

RxScore™ Provider (Coming Soon!)

  • Web based application to access RxScore™ on behalf of patients
  • Practice level, customizable dashboards
  • Practice management and EMR software integration
  • Available for purchase by provider or delivered via affiliate groups

RxScore™ Payer (Coming Soon!)

  • Web based deployment of RxScore™ Provider to network
  • Adoption dashboards and query monitoring
  • Training and best practices guides to ensure rapid adoption

AdverseEvents Enterprise

  • Web based application including direct RxFilter™ searching, custom data exports, and a dedicated AdverseEvents Solutions Consultant
  • Quarterly FAERS data release analysis reports
  • Drug specific, in-depth analysis on hot topics
  • Daily Drug Safety Monitor alerts

AdverseEvents Consulting

  • Formulary Inversion™ and Formulary Omission™ analysis
  • Practice group risk assessments
  • Drug/class specific analysis including real-time FAERS data extraction via FOIA requests and full analysis by AdverseEvents analysts