Advera Health Analytics provides a range of products and services that enable better decision making and drive enhanced business performance through the use of drug safety data, analytics, and insights.


Evidex is a cloud based drug safety data aggregation platform that provides powerful insights using both Advera Health curated data and structured internal and alternative safety data sources. Powered by the proprietary RxFilter® data optimization technology, Evidex supports a broad array of safety signal detection and risk mitigation use cases. Download the white paper, Drug Safety Data to Support the Entire Lifecycle

Drug Safety Made Easy:

  • On-demand, real-time, web-based.
  • Easy access to curated drug safety data sources such as FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS), clinical trial results, and literature.
  • Data standardization and integration with internal and alternative drug safety data sources.
  • Evidence generation to answer organizational drug safety questions.

Next Generation Signal Detection:

  • RxSignal® predictive algorithm forecasts future FDA action, uncovering serious side effects that were not seen in pre-approval trials.
  • Real-time validation of emerging drug safety signals with clinical trial safety outcomes and literature reviews.
  • Attribute filters allow data results to be segmented for customized pooled analyses and into quick regulatory formats or publication friendly templates.
  • Linking clinical evidence with real world data enables powerful and insightful comparisons only found in Evidex.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Daily alerting to new and emerging drug safety issues.
  • Quick comparison tools to highlight drug safety issues by indication, class or mechanism of action.
  • Customized segmentation tools designed to fit into comparative effectiveness and safety frameworks.


Advera Health's Advisory Services provides customized data, analytics, and insight to support market access and commercialization strategies at leading pharmaceutical companies.

Tell Your Drug's Evidence Story

Advera Health Advisory Services help Market Access groups tell their drug’s “evidence story” through data and insight that provide a complete understanding of the true comparative nature of drugs. Advera Health Advisory Services enables pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Help payers make decisions with the data they demand: providing head-to-head comparative research that P&T Committees require.
  • Demonstrate superior efficacy, safety, and economic profiles using annotated clinical trial results data and real world evidence.
  • Highlight market dynamics that make a drug’s market entrance successful.


  • Advise: Advisory services on how annotated clinical trial results data and real world data can be paired, and used separately, to answer client questions.
  • Hypothesize: Data gathering, summary and hypothesis testing and confirmation—our iterative process pinpoints the right data for the right situation.
  • Publish: Determining project scope -- including drug treatment regimens, classes, indications, adverse event terms and calculation methodologies, data is finalized and writing process begins through journal publication.

Evidex Integrations

  • Clean, standardized data architecture and RxFilter® data optimization technology allow for simple and efficient intake of both internal and third party data sources into Evidex.
  • Integrate company owned data such as those captured in internal spontaneous reporting databases. Evidex provides agile and flexible data mining capabilities without long and complicated implementations.
  • Integrate third-party data sources such as multi-payer claims, social listening and other alternative drug safety datasets for a 360⁰ view of a drug’s safety profile.

Data Licensing

Advera Health Analytics is the premier information source for drug evidence, providing the only scientifically validated and peer reviewed standardized data architecture and straight forward APIs to power leading software applications. We provide data for applications across multiple platforms that deliver drug evidence and data to multiple enterprise markets.

Evidex Alerts

A fully customizable system of real-time updates and analysis on the latest impactful drug safety news. Evidex Alerts include:

  • FDA Drug Safety Labeling Changes.
  • New Drug Approvals.
  • FDA Regulatory Announcements.
  • Clinical Trial Safety Results.