Data & Analytics

Advera Health Analytics’ solutions are powered by proprietary, advanced analytical tools developed to make evidence-based data not only accessible, but actionable and predicable. Built off of the data foundation provided by RxFilter®, the RxSuite is the new market standard for interpreting complex clinical and real world data. Innovative methodology, scientific data -- powerful results.

Clinical Trial Data

The Advera Health clinical trials module aggregates and optimizes results into annotated data, reconstructs them into pooled meta-analysis, and links them to post-approval updates. The result is a whole new way to look at clinical efficacy and safety data.


Advera Health maintains the industry gold standard for cleaned, de-duplicated, and dynamically linked FAERS data that ensures harmonized processes and reliable data analysis. Our highly trained analyst staff enhances the automated processes by manually reviewing the machine-matching and ensures 100% accuracy. Our methodologies and results for these processes have been peer reviewed and published.


RxCost is the first standardized methodology to determine direct costs of adverse drug events, enabling decisions to be made based on total cost of care.


RxSignal® provides an early warning system for our clients about pending FDA action to help them better identify, manage and track potential safety signals. RxSignal® builds upon traditional disproportionality analysis by adding in proprietary insights and weighting of different adverse event categories. RxSignal® has been proven to accurately predict emerging adverse event risks up to 5 years ahead of time. Our methodologies and results have been peer reviewed.


Similar to a FICO credit score, RxScore is the first drug safety scoring system that quickly summarizes comprehensive post-approval drug safety issues.